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Walmart brags about its "tens of thousands" of Wiis for sale online

Laura June

Walmart's reassuringly boasting that they've got plenty of the oft-out-of-stock Wiis on hand for your online holiday shopping needs today. There are a host of different Nintendo-related deals to go with it, too. The Wii itself is available for $249.24, there's a "Value Bundle" which includes the console, a game, an accessories pack and an extra set of controllers for $329 (or $20 off), and they have some games on sale, as well. What's next? Walmart mouthing off about the "millions of iPhones" they have available?

Update: Well, that didn't last very long! As some commenters have helpfully pointed out, it appears that those "tens of thousands" of Wiis have been reduced to "zero" -- they're already sold out.

[Via Game Daily]

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