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Acer takes the "most netbooks sold" crown from ASUS

Laura June

The hotter-than-ever netbook market -- which has seemingly been headed Acer's way for a while now -- has seen its numbers for the third quarter of 2008 arrive, and the Aspire One has indeed overtaken ASUS Eee PC as top dog in units moved. Acer's captured 38.3 percent of the market share, selling 2.15 million netbooks, while ASUS sold about 1.7 million, or 30.3 percent. Possibly adding insult to injury, we hear that an XP-loaded Aspire One can be yours for $299 today at Best Buy. We doubt ASUS will be taking its toys and going home any time soon, but we might've heard a few sniffles coming from its corner during recess.

[Via Laptop]

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