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Sony won't ape NXE, no plans for Netflix on PS3


According to Sony, there's nothing wrong with the Current PlayStation Experience (CPE). In an interview with GamePro, SCEA's hardware guru, John Kohler, said that the company has no plans to make any "grand-scale changes" to the PS3's XrossMediaBar interface, a la the New Xbox Experience.

"We haven't had many navigation complaints about the XMB interface, so the XMB will be a part of PlayStation products moving forward," Kohler said. "That doesn't mean we're closed off to changing certain parts of it – there are areas in which we can certainly improve, and we look to do so in the future."

But what about one of our fave features of the NXE: Netflix Instant Queue streaming? "We've concentrated most of our efforts on our download service, both rentals and downloads of movies and TV shows," Kohler responded when asked about the potential for Netflix on PS3, adding, "Our efforts will continue to be there, because our customers want to own the content." How about "own some content," for reality's sake?

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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