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Great Giana Sisters! Infamous Super Mario Bros. clone cloned for DS


Released in 1987 for the era's gaming-focused personal computers – Commodore 64, Amiga, Amstrad, Atari ST – The Great Giana Sisters was a solid platformer, which isn't surprising. It was, by and large, a staggering Super Mario Bros. rip-off. Nintendo's lawyers had the sisters promptly locked away, but they've somehow escaped.

Now, of all things, the game is being remade for a June 2009 release on Nintendo DS. German publisher dtp entertainment is working with Spellbound Entertainment and Bitfield on the title, which will – in addition to updated graphics – support the DS touchscreen and microphone, although exactly how has not been disclosed. In fact, we're not entirely certain that Nintendo knows about the game's existence. Check out the original game's (potentially NSFW) box art after the break.

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