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Quick match and party features added in SOCOM patch 1.30


This is what we're talking about! SOCOM Confrontation has had a less-than-stellar launch, but it looks like things are finally turning around. The upcoming version 1.30 patch is quite the biggie -- it add features like Trophies, revised items and controls, and the return of the prone move. However, it also significantly expands upon the game's lobby system, allowing the online experience to go more smoothly. For a game that has no single player component, this is quite crucial.

The Quick Match/Party system will be added in the upcoming patch. What does this mean? It means that SOCOM players will be able to jump into appropriate games, with the friends, in a much faster and organized way. "Once you select quick match you are taken to the party screen where you can invite other players to join your party. On the party screen, you can chat with your party while you are waiting for everyone to join. Once everyone has joined, select join game and your party is matched with other players of similar skill. For the 1.30 update, you can select from 3 different game types for the quick match; 16x16 Ranked, 16x16 Unranked and 16x16 Respawn. All large maps and game modes are available and the playlists are selected at random."

It's great to see Slant Six finally making Confrontation a game worthy of the SOCOM brand. While it's unfortunate that it has taken so long to get to this point, we're reminded of the old saying -- better late than never.

[Thanks, John!]

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