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SiBEAM founder says WirelessHD is best for "in-room" applications

Darren Murph

While AMIMON is busy gloating about its 100,000th chipset shipment, WirelessHD is quietly lurking in the background waiting to exploit a niche of its own. In a rather telling interview, SiBEAM founder John Marshall (pictured) confessed that it was going after a different market rather than taking on the WHDI (and similar) format directly. He stated that its milliwave'-based WirelessHD technology -- which just received a cash infusion from Panasonic and Samsung -- "targets in-room use, whereas the others target whole-home use." He continued by noting that it "limit its use to inside a room to make the most of milliwave's properties, without assuming content transmissions through walls." Finally, we're led to believe that certain partners will be making product-based announcements at CES 2009, though judging by the history of cord-free HD, we wouldn't expect anything to start shipping right away. Or ever, even.

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