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SRS Labs' iWOW adaptor for iPods changes the way we think about portable audio


You might not know this, but life as you once knew it is over. No, we're not talking about crises economic or environmental, the Red Menace, or the count down to the year 2012. Much larger than all of this, SRS Labs has announced its iWOW adapter for the iPod. This device is a hardware-based version of their "award winning" iWOW plug-in for iTunes, bringing the same "expansive sound stage" experience that you've been enjoying on your home computer to your iPod Classic, iPod 5G, or iPod nano 3G. Surely, one can't put a price tag on this sort of revolutionary, immersive audio technology, but if we did we're guessing it would be listing for $99 or so. What are you waiting for? The only real danger, as far as we can see it, is that the aural experience turns out to be so mind-blowing that you wind up as some sort of comatose vegetable. But you know what? It's probably worth the risk.

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