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European track pack hits GH: World Tour, another coming later this month

We've not been excited for a track pack for either of this year's rhythm offerings for quite some time now, but a press release from Activision recently perked up our beret-covered ears. In addition to the Guitar Hero: World Tour Nirvana track pack that was promised to drop today, "European Track Pack 01" also crept onto the PSN/XBLM/Wii, bringing with it a track from one of the hottest musical sensations currently sweeping our homeland -- French rock outfit BB Brunes' hit song "Dis Moi".

In addition to today's Euro-tracks, another three-song international sampler will be made available for World Tour-ers to download "later this month." The standard pricing of GH: WT track packs applies -- 440 (XBLM)/$5.49 (PSN) for the whole pack, or 160 (XBLM)/$1.99 (PSN)/200 Wii Points for just one song.

European Track Pack 01 (Today):
European Track Pack 02 (Later this month):

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