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Funcom re-reaffirms Conan 360 in addition to The Secret World

Kyle Horner

In a world of cut-backs and shutdowns, it's pretty easy to start worrying about things you never had the need to worry about before. Sometimes it can get so bad, that things need to be said more than once. Case in point: Funcom's Xbox 360 version of Age of Conan and their next MMO project, The Secret World. In a recent discussion with Funcom said not to worry about either projects, as they're both on track. The console Age of Conan will contain all updates to the PC version upon shipping -- which is a good thing, considering how buggy it was -- and The Secret World's development team is actually expanding.

So while AoC on the PC is to remain their current primary focus, things are still moving forward with other projects. We only hope this is still the case in the next six-to-twelve months time, especially with how the global economy seems to be playing out.
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