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Popcorn Hour's WN-100 dongle brings WiFi to your A-100, A-110 or B-110

Darren Murph

Generally speaking, it's tough to find someone who doesn't love their Popcorn Hour media streamer. Not to say everything's perfectly kosher, however, as the lack of internal WiFi is a niggle that many cord haters have found inexcusable. Curiously enough, we heard back in May that the outfit was preparing a new trio of streamers, and one of 'em was destined to have WiFi built-in; we're still waiting on that unit, but Popcorn Hour is more than happy to give the option of retrofitting. The WN-100 is a draft-N WiFi adapter that adopts MIMO technology, supports 64- / 128-bit WEP encryption (along with WPA / WPA2, etc.) and comes sporting with a $37 price tag. Or, you can snag the A-110 with WN-100 bundle and save a whopping two bucks from buying separately.

[Thanks, AFB]

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