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Rock Band 2 coming to Wii and PS2 on Dec. 18


Are you ready to rock? Or, more specifically, will you be ready to rock on December 18? That's the day (a Thursday, in fact) that Wii and PS2 owners will finally be able to call friends over for a Rock Band 2 party. That's right – before the weekend. Crazy, huh?

RB2 for Wii supports the download (and storage on SD card) of tracks via the in-game music store only; you'll have to add Wii Points through the Wii Shop Channel, per usual. PS2 owners ... sorry, but your DLC is in another castle.

Here's the package / pricing breakdown. Note that peripherals for the PS2 version are already on sale.
  • Special Edition Bundle (Wii) – $189.99
  • Standalone Software (Wii) – $49.99
  • Standalone Drums (Wii) – $89.99
  • Standalone Guitar (Wii) – $69.99
  • Standalone Software (PS2) – $49.99

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