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Join the moogles for the Starlight Celebration in FFXI

William Dobson

This coming Friday, the 19th of December, the Starlight Celebration will begin in Vana'diel, offering Final Fantasy XI players the chance to party with the moogles and score some presents. On one side of the equation, you can assist the moogles with giving out gifts and greeting cards. On the flip-side, you can look for the presents that they've hidden all over the place to get some for yourself -- but since they had to make the boxes monster-proof, there will probably be some force required to bust those suckers open.

If you're looking for more to do, or if the moogles just plain creep you out a little bit, you can help smilebringers deliver some Starlight joy to the children of Vana'diel, or visit special merchants to pick up festive items. The official website has the lowdown on exactly where you can find these activities. Seeing as the "Return Home to Vana'diel" campaign begins on December the 15th, those that are planning on restoring their old FFXI characters will be just in time for the celebrations to kick off on Friday. The holiday will draw to a close at 7:00AM PST on December the 31st.

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