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Club Nintendo almost launches -- real prizes confirmed! [update]


Nintendo opened the North American Club Nintendo site ... for a minute. It was long enough for us to see some Rewards! The prizes are all totally great stuff that Club Nintendo in Japan offered, including the Mario hat DS game stand, hanafuda cards, DS game cases, and, yes, Game & Watch Collection.

We saw this briefly, we went to begin migrating our My Nintendo accounts over, and then ... back to "coming soon." But we totally saw it. NeoGAFfer Coilshot saw it and had the good sense to screencap the rewards page, as you can see above. Here's some good news you can read now: Nintendo's Club Nintendo FAQ confirms the Gold and Platinum programs and the associated special prizes.

While we wait, why not enjoy our European/Japanese Club Nintendo retrospective and associated gallery?

Update: It's live. Jump in here.

[Thanks to Justin Wilson and Wii Fanboy's Wesley Fenlon]

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