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Wireless controller solves the case of the missing Xbox 360

Making his way home from a school related trip, Missouri State student Ryan Ketsenburg arrived home to his dorm on November 21, only to discover that his Xbox 360 had been stolen. Quick on his feet, Ketsenburg noticed a wireless controller the thief had left behind was still connecting to his console, which meant the thief had set up his gaming system within range.

Through the process of elimination and the controller's 30-foot range, Ketsenburg zeroed in on the thief and, with the help of the 5th floor assistant, found the missing console in another student's dorm. After satisfying dorm officials that the console was indeed his by turning the system on with 'Detective Controller,' the Xbox 360 was returned. Missouri State officials said the thief has yet to return to his dorm since the incident but Ketsenburg promises that when he does he will be prosecuting with what we assume will be extreme prejudice.

[Thanks Jonah. Via Kotaku AU.]

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