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Wrath Dailies: Sewer Stew


Stew is good. Put some vegetables, meat, broth, and a few other chunks of whatever you have laying around your home into a pot and cook it for a few hours. Pour it into a dish and sprinkle some salt and pepper on top, perhaps add a side of saltine crackers. You've got yourself a great dish for those cold Northrend days.

In the daily cooking quest Sewer Stew you're going to deliver some stew to Ajay Green located in the sewers of Dalaran.

Quest Giver: Awilo Lon'gomba (Horde) or Katherine Lee (Alliance)
Reputation: Kirin Tor
Reward: 150 rep, 9.9g at level 80, a Dalaran Cooking Award, a Small Spice Bag
Minimum Level: 65
Required Chain: Cooking at 375 or above.

Read on after the break for our walkthrough of the quest, complete with a few tricks you can do to get it done quickly and easily

Pickup the quest in Dalaran from either Awilo Lon'gomba located at 70, 38 if you're Horde, or from Katherine Lee located at 40, 65 if you're Alliance.

You're tasked with picking up 4 Chilled Meats and 4 Crystal Song Carrots and putting them together in a Cookpot.

The Chilled Meats are hopefully part of a large supply of them that you've saved up from your adventuring and farming. You'll need a lot of them for all the cooking quests.

The Crystal Song Carrots can be retrieved from the Crystal Song forest in the zone below Dalaran. Head over to landing pad or use the tri-force (err...crystal) in Runeweaver Square to get down the ground.

Once there you'll want to pick up the carrots from around the area immediately below Dalaran. I've outlined the area in the map above in which you'll find them.

The carrots themselves will be sparkling overhead so they shouldn't be too hard to pick up. They do show up on the mini-map if you're tracking herbs.

Once you have all the carrots and meat, you'll need use the Cookpot you got from the quest giver and turn the resulting food into Ajay Green in the sewers of Dalaran for your Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag.

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