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Guildwatch: Rolling the endgame

Mike Schramm

Boy, there's definitely no Naxx bump this time around (unlike the old Karazhan bump) -- guilds are hitting 80 and rolling right into the endgame. Of course, with even casual players moving this fast (surely casual players are 80 by now right, Ghostcrawler?) there may eventually be a problem of having new content to experience... unless you consider all of the rep grinding and Wintergrasp to be new content (and we do). But pretty soon, we'll have to have guilds reporting on achievements instead -- anyone actually beat Sarth with the three drakes yet?

In the meantime, there's plenty of regular downings, crazy drama, and some good guilds recruiting right after the jump, so click the link below to see what's new around the guilds of World of Warcraft.


  • Tact hate is the latest rage on Sen'jin apparently. Before the expansion, Tact was the highest profile guild on the server, downing KJ first and just generally rocking the endgame. But rather than congrats, all they got from the forum trolls was some crazy hate. We tend to agree with the sentiment further down the page -- just because one guy is a jerk doesn't mean the guild is useless. But apparently bashing Tact is fashionable, we hear -- three other guilds on the server grouped up to form Void, and since then they've been picking up server first kills, and laughing at Tact every time they do it. Don't get us wrong -- hating on guilds for no reason makes for great drama. But it gets old after a while, no?
  • We don't usually cover the regular class trolls on the forums (we're more about guild drama, obviously), but this was pretty well done, so we'll mention it anyway.
  • Inner Circle of Shadow Council disbanded and changed their name to Society of Stone, supposed to get rid of an officer they didn't like. But now we hear the current officers aren't much better -- they supposedly kicked a member for breaking a rule that wasn't listed in the guild regulations, and they also /gkicked everyone who spoke up for him. And does it end there? Of course not -- apparently the guy they hired to replace the Warlock lead, who'd been kicked, is a former guild bank ninja from another guild. Good times -- all we can say is grats to the guys that got kicked for getting out of that guild early.
  • Dust, would you please let some other guilds on The Scryers down content?! Gosh! No, we don't know why this guy dislikes them so much, but we're guessing it's not because they're
  • "Grade A Drama" is about right for this one: PUG is a new guild that split away from Sparda on Gilneas -- apparently Enig, Sparda's guildleader, "went crazy," claiming everyone had to do everything with their guild (including get her achievements), and even promoting random people without any input from anyone else in the guild, while at the same time promoting anyone who disagreed with her. For their part, while some members of PUG apparently did want to cause drama by ninjaing the GB or causing wipes, it sounds like all they wanted to do was get away, so good on them. Might be the end for Sparda, though -- sounds like a good part of their guild left most of them behind.
  • Wrath on Aman'thul has all but disbanded after a GL resignation, we're told. The officers, upset at the lack of progression, (Noctis Erus had beaten them to it), and lacking the will to gkick underperformers have left with the top raiders and to form a new guild named Entity. Good times.
  • Happy fourth birthday to Clan Moonscar, the fifth oldest active guild on Feathermoon. They're not raiders, but they have been in Naxx, and have Heigan on notice for next time (they say playing the Napoleon Dynamite music during the fight might help. I'll say this: it won't hurt.
  • Guild bank ninja: Iamtrouble of Arathor -- he nabbed gear out of the guild bank that didn't belong to his class, and later said he took them for mats to get mount money. Even after a warning, he was at it again. We hear he's now in Debu. Keep an eye out.
  • Adrianos, Paladin guildleader of the Light Brigade Enforcers on the Gundrak realm was scammed a little while ago -- someone created a toon called Adrianosbank, got a senior officer to add and promote them, and then ninja'ed the guild bank away. Ad came online as it happened, but Blizzard hasn't replaced any of the items yet. Let that be a lesson to everybody -- if you've got anything in your guild bank that you're not willing to lose, better have it on lockdown.
  • Here's an update from Shiori Tora from last week's column, where they apparently took some puggers along on a raid and then gave loot to a guildie instead. Someone from the guild says that the puggers were asked to the raid by a guild member, not the GM, so the rules were never made clear. Additionally, we're told that loot was given to someone pugging later in the raid, and finally, we're told that "Archavon loot is serious business," which is either a joke (in other words, they mean it's not so why all the fuss), or is serious, in which case they're wrong again -- no loot is that serious that you can be jerks to people who pug with you. Now, this guildie is a WoW Insider fan, so he can't be bad people, but still, if you bring a pug on a raid, they get to roll on the loot just like everyone else, unless you tell them otherwise early on. Can't justify breaking that rule.
  • We got lots of tips about this blog post, and it is pretty classic drama. It involves Ensidia, one of the biggest guilds in WoW today, as well as a Crown Prince of Dubai, players paid to play, egos aplenty, mergers failed and succeeded, and a whole, whole lot of guild drama. Drama, by the way, is the definition of what happens when people take something that's not serious at all way too seriously, and these folks have it in spades -- the guy angry for being left out of Ensidia, the guys getting paid to play the game and get world firsts, and whoever it is giving them their paycheck. There's a snippet of a messageboard in there that says, "We will either be the AMAZING world first guild that everyone expects of us. Or we will be the laughing stock of World of Warcraft." Apparently that's what the leaders of Ensidia told their guildies when the merger went down: that either they'd get all the world firsts or people would laugh at them. But they never considered the possibility of, well, both.
  • Awake, an Alliance guild on Hydraxis, downed Noth in Naxx, and wiping a few times on Heigan, they wiped everyone but two tanks and two healers, who soldiered on from 75%. 30 minutes later, with most of the raid still dead on the ground, they finished him off. Sounds very epic indeed -- grats to the four for sticking with it.
  • Rockjaw on Blade's Edge got a Server first kill of Sartharion on heroic. They got a little flak for having one member of the raid who was "not yet a member," but we'll give it to them -- you don't need to have a full guild run to claim a down at all.
  • The Bit Players on Lothar-A finished off 10-man Sartharion twice and the 25man version once. Drakes is up next. Kel'Thuzad was also convinced to lay down and give up the loots. Obsidian Sanctum also got downed later in the week.
  • Aspirant of Garona downed Grobbulus and Gluth, which brings the tally so far to Plague Quarter, Arachnid Quarter, Military Quarter, Patchwerk, Grobbulus, and Gluth in the 10 man of Naxxramas. Grats!
  • Celestial Eclipse on Rivendare found out that AQ20 is easily three-manned with a Priest, DK, and Hunter. They wanted to do AQ40, but the mind control on the first boss was a pain. They'll be back though.
  • Explitus of Tortheldrin downed the Alliance leaders with the help of other people in a 40 man raid without wiping once. Two hours later the other half of the guild killed them all over again. Very nice.
  • Horribly Impatient of Ravenholdt downed the leaders of Stormwind, Exodar, and Darnassus with only 14 people and took out Bronzebeard with 30. Grats on the bears! They also cleared 25 man Naxx, had some trouble with Patchwerk but downed him anyway and then went on to Sapphiron for server third.
  • Spectacular Death (Llane-A), who bill themselves as "the best casual, retro raiding guild in WoW", celebrated their first anniversary with a whole weekend of activities, downing Onyxia, killing Lor'themar Theron in Silvermoon, and dueling outside Stormwind (losers were made to jump off the bridge). They are also recruiting -- healers preferred. They raid casually, but their focus is seeing all of WoW, from Azjol-Nerub to Zul'Gurub.
  • More PvP downs: The Alliance guilds of Liberty, Certifiable, Titans of Glory, Scarlet Crusade and a few others from Runetotem-A got together and completed the "For the Alliance" Achievement, which means they killed off everyone in the Horde, and picked up a War Bear from Wrynn. Horde on Runetotem, what say you?
  • Mediocre at Best of Mug'thol cleared all content "because we are that god damn amazing." 25 man Malygos was dropped with 24 people and 25 man Naxx except Saph and KT with just 20. They're also recruiting: Resto Shaman, Holy Pally, Resto Druid, Warlock, Rogue, Hunter, Shadow Priest.
  • and stupid friends (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) (EU Eonar-H) has completed Spider, Plague, Military and Construct quarter in their maiden (that means first, we think) run on Naxx. Heigan was fun with 3 people alive, apparently. Sapph and KT are on notice for next time.
  • Tyranus Supremacy on Shu'halo cleared Naxx 10 man out but good.
  • And Cryptic, also on Shu'halo, also got realm-first 25 man Naxx clear. Grats!
  • The Wizards Sleeve on Bronze Dragonflight-H have now cleared four wings of Naxxramas and are working on the big dragon for this week. They've also downed Archavon in 10 man.
  • State of Mind on EU Bloodhoof cleared Naxxramas and Sartharion. Sapphiron was a pain, we hear, but they're now going for the 25 man. They still need healadins, Locks and tank Druids.
  • Entropy, the new fun but focused raiding guild on the new transfer-only realm EU Chamber of Aspects downed 10-man Sartharian with no drakes up, and cleared the Arachnid and Plague Quarters of 10 man Naxx, as well as made a start on the Military Quarter by downing Razuvious in first raids after the reset. They are looking for healers for the 25 mans, especially a resto Druid or Shaman.
  • Knights of Ni, formally of Alleria, now transferred to Dawnbringer, had their first 10-man raid in Naxx and cleared the Arachnid Quarter and the Construct Quarter. The rest is on notice for next time. They are also recruiting Tanks, Healers, Mages and Warlocks.
  • Cohors Aquila on Bloodhoof downed the Arachnid Quarter, Military Quarter, and Plague Quarter in the first week of 10-man Naxx raiding. Later they cleared out the rest of it, with just Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad waiting to be downed. Obsidian Sanctum 10-man (with all 3 dragons killed before engaging the boss) also got dropped.
  • Knights Templar on Boulderfist now have two teams running Naxxramas 10 man and have full cleared already. They are working on 25 man now.
  • The Risen on Tichondrius have downed the Plague and Arachnid quarters in 25-man Naxx and Obsidian Sanctum. 10-mans of both instances were downed last week as well.
  • Nothing Sacred on Gorefiend is a smaller guild, but was able to go into 10 man Naxxramas and clear out the entire Spider Wing and 2/3 DK Wing. Nice job!
  • Durability Zero on Silvermoon-A set up a raid just to get a feel for where their DPS was at and the accidentally one-shotted Archavon in the Vault of Archavon. Excited about their first Wrath kill, they decided to give Sartherion a shot and downed him, too. Later on, the Arachnid Quarter and Patchwerk and Noth fell as well. They're recruiting also, healers in any form, some tanks, and outstanding DPSers, especially Spriests.
  • Bloodhorde of Earthen Ring-H has cleared the Spider Wing in Naxx 10. Patchwerk is on notice, and they're recruiting members for every role too.
  • Daywalkers (Sargeras-A) has, on their first day of raiding, cleared the 10-man versions of Sartharion and Archavon, as well as the Spider wing and two of three Plague wing bosses in Naxx. The rest of Naxx is on notice, and Malygos ain't far behind. They're also actively recruiting for a second 10-man team and looking forward to 25-man raiding ASAP. They'd like some holy love (Priests and Paladins), as well as caster DPS.
  • Arisen of Doomhammer-A started up raiding last week to clear the whole Plague quarter of Naxx. They're starting round 2 next time on the Arachnids.
  • Paradigm from Detheroc formed just before Wrath, "as a result of guilds disbanding, awkwardness, and just overall boredom." They are seeking Mages, Shamans with specs that start with E, a Disc Priest and a BM Hunter, and any other classes interested in running 10mans and eventually 25 mans as well.
  • Knights of the Cross is recruting on Eldre' Thalas. They are a mature family guild looking for all classes and levels, with an awesome group of core people. They aren't hardcore, but are headed to 80, and maybe into the endgame after that -- they just like to have fun and play the game. All are welcome but they are not for everyone, as they are a Christian based guild. Look them up if interested.
  • In The Mean Time on Arthas is a fun loving casual raiding guild with plans on starting Naxx very soon. They are a bunch of friends who enjoy playing the game for what it is, with some experienced raiders taking charge. If you want to check out Naxx (but not take it too seriously), they're your people.
  • War Ensemble on Silver Hand-A is recruiting 78+ players of all classes and specs. They are ready to begin a steady Naxx group and need a few people to complete the roster. If you're interested, look for them ingame.
  • and two stealthed rogues on Azshara-H is recruiting all experienced players.
  • The Lion Rampant on EU Hellscream is recruiting DPS and Healers (all types), They need a few more to get some 25 man raids going. They're a family friendly guild focussed on having fun, time short but focused raiders and have already downed two wings in 10 man Naxx. They raid late, so if you're up for having some good times in late night WoW, check them out.
  • HeadHumpers on Daggerspine is looking for casual endgame players (or perhaps endgame alts) to run Heroics, and begin 10 man raiding after the holiday season is done. They're a UK based guild, the core members are all friendly, helpful English lads and ladies. They're looking for like minded players from anywhere, are active most nights, and are particularly looking for Shamans, Druids and Priests (both Chocolate and Vanilla!), although any class is welcome. Friendly players of all levels are accepted, but raiding is a priority goal.
  • Anita Brunette of Velen is recruiting adults for a semi-casual, social guild. They are taking players of all classes and levels, the philosophy being that this is a long term guild where the entire roster will grow, learn together and have fun. They are looking for a nice mix of experienced and newer players who like to quest, instances, and raiding.
  • Playboys on Blood Furnace is recruiting all classes and specs but are especially in need of a healer or two to join a fun and friendly guild.
  • Unbreakable on Kargath-A is recruiting 70+ toons of all classes to continue with Wrath progression. They're a new guild that arose from the ashes of Ready Check. Mature and relaxed people only.
  • Fallout on Boulderfist-A is a casual-friendly guild that is looking to recruit for raiding Naxx 10 man. They are looking for healers of all classes, and Rogues, Hunters, and Mages.
  • N e v e r m o r e is a newish guild on Frostmane, recruiting level 70 and up for a soon to be casual raiding guild. For now they are just social/levelling/and running a crap ton of instances.
  • Dogs of War on the Lothar server is now recruiting ranged DPS and healers for its raids.
  • Horde Disposal Inc is an Alliance guild on Mok'Nathal. They're friendly, helpful, and fun-loving to each member of the guild. They are a close knit group of people who are looking to start raiding but still take time out to make new friends and enjoy the game.
  • Family Business is now recruiting on Cenarion Circle-H. They are a casual raiding, light/medium RP guild with a focus on helping one another succeed in the game. They're a mob/mafia based "family," so guild promotion is all based on what promotion and rank would be within a mafia familiy. Interesting idea.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy holidays and happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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