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Hercules introduces DJ Control Steel mixing deck


While those only versed in the ways of the iPod-based DJ mixer may want to steer clear, those with a bit more DJing experience will no doubt find plenty to like in Hercules' new DJ Control Steel mixing deck here, which can be hooked up to the Mac or PC of your choice via USB. As you can see above, the unit itself will give you two mixing decks, along with 13 rotary switches, six faders, and no less than 46 push buttons, including five effects buttons and six kill buttons. To add your own stamp to the deck, you can also remove the steel center plate and replace it with a customized one, and you can use it with the MIDI-based DJing software of your choosing if the included Virtual DJ 5 isn't to your liking. At $299.99, it also won't be too much of a hurt on your bank account, although you'll have to wait until December 22nd to actually get your hands on it.

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