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    MSI's VR220 YA Edition laptop reviewed: average, or just slightly above

    Darren Murph

    MSI's VR220 YA Edition laptop is a unique piece, packing a tiny 12.1-inch frame (which usually demands a premium) and a relatively reasonable $699 price tag. The laptop straddles an interesting fence, providing better performance than a netbook and less sex appeal than most other 12.1-inchers around. On one hand, the 2GHz T3200 CPU is a nice step above the Atoms that are popping up everywhere else, but on the other, the (comparatively) bulky frame, "cheap feeling keyboard" and "polarizing design" are features you aren't to appreciate. So, who exactly is this thing good for (if anyone)? Laptop Mag feels that students looking for an ultraportable on a budget will probably find what they need, but folks obsessed with performance or petiteness will probably care to pass. Have a look at the full writeup in the read link below.

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