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Penny Arcade comments on Old Republic footage


The Old Republic's latest video footage had some people drooling over the release of the highly anticipated BioWare title, but others, like Tycho from Penny Arcade, weren't too impressed during the latest trailer.

Tycho's comments, while negative, can ring truthful to those who have been following SWTOR since the great announcement back in October. It seems that we keep hearing about this great "story pillar" of the game and how most MMOs don't contain an intense storyline, but veterans of Asheron's Call's monthly updates or Wrath of the Lich King's new emphasis on story will certainly recall that some games have already put story in as their main pillar.

Of course, Tycho also brings up the fact that it's odd for someone with an infinitely sharp laser beam sword to slash at the same monster multiple times, but we think you get the idea. Check out all of Tycho's comments in his Penny Arcade blog post and make your own decisions on what you think of the first gameplay footage.

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