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Wrath 101: PvP welfare gear part III

Zach Yonzon

Deadly Gladiator
Finally, there's the cream of the crop in PvP gear, the Deadly Gladiator items. Similar to Hateful Gladiator, there are non-set items as well as itemsets. The non-set items such as cloaks, rings, bracers and such can be purchased in the Hall of Legends and Champion's Hall, as well. However, unlike the other gear available for Honor there, Deadly Gladiator items require successful personal and team Arena ratings. The cheapest items -- the amulet or neckpiece -- go for 47,400 Honor and require 1600 ratings, while the Level 80 Battlemaster trinkets cost 62,000 Honor and 1800 ratings.

Unlike the Savage or Hateful Gladiator itemsets, Deadly Gladiator set pieces require only Arena points and extremely successful ratings. The gloves are relatively the easiest to obtain, costing 1350 Arena Points and require personal and team ratings of 1850. The shoulders are the most difficult to get, even though it only costs 1800 Arena Points, as it requires a minimum rating of 2150. The good news is that the chest, head hands, and leg pieces drop off Heroic or 25-man Archavon. If you manage to find a group and luck out on rolls, you won't even need to play Arenas for the game's top-of-the-line PvP gear.

Of course, the absolute best Deadly Gladiator items cannot be obtained other than through PvP -- or more specifically, Arenas. The Deadly Gladiator weapons require a personal and team rating of 2030, a few wins above the magic mark of 2000. Costing anywhere from 1200 Arena Points (for relics and wands) to 4500 Arena Points (for 2-handers and Hunter ranged weapons). Deadly Gladiator weapons, as well as the itemsets, are available only from the goblins in Dalaran's Underbelly. Although they showed up in Beta, there are no Savage or Hateful Gladiator weapons (lower versions) in the game today. If you want the most powerful PvP weapons, you will need to play -- and succeed tremendously in -- Arenas.

Sources for non-set items:
Doris Volanthius in the Hall of Legends, sells for Honor with ratings requirement (Horde)
Lieutenant Tristia in the Champion's Hall, sells for Honor with ratings requirement (Alliance)

Sources for itemsets and weapons:
Nargle Lashcord in Dalaran's Underbelly, sells for Arena Points with ratings requirement (Neutral)

Sources for itemsets:
Archavon the Stone Watcher in heroic difficulty, drops chest, hands, and leg pieces

Final notes
The new PvP gear system only seems complex, but is actually rather intuitive once you become familiar with it. The new welfare epics (and blues) are easily obtainable, even with little to no PvP. There's absolutely nothing to whine about, with some players making the mistake of thinking that all PvP gear require (successful) Arena play. Players concerned about the Gladiator weapons' steep requirement should probably come to terms with the fact that for now, Arenas remain Blizzard's most accurate barometer for PvP performance. This guide should help you plan out your PvP gear acquisition, even if that path doesn't include any PvP whatsoever.
Are you excited about Season 5? No? Well, that's alright, we're covering it anyway. If there's anything you need to know about Arenas or the newest Season, starting with an FAQ and a guide to gearing up for it.

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