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BioMirage Coffer offers biometric security for people with money to waste


It's not every day that we see gear aimed at "forward-thinking and discerning social elites" -- if anything, it seems that the most high-falutin' types are looking for ways to stay out of our orbit. Then again, our idea of security usually involves Lego safes and Nintendo deadbolt hacks. When we learned that "true peace of mind" could be ours once we had our hot little hands on the BioMirage Coffer -- a 16.4 x 10.6 x 5.8-inch, 10.4 lb strong box featuring biometric fingerprint authorization and a USB key -- our ears perked up. We're not sure what this thing's made of (or that it couldn't be smashed open if you were so inclined), but who wouldn't want to own a gadget that "epitomizes symbiotic interactions between people and technology?" Wait... this thing's $579? We'll pass.

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