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Blizzard releases Starcraft 2 Battle Report

Ross Miller

Blizzard has released the first of what is to be a series of Starcraft 2 battle reports -- narrated videos of a match from the alpha version of the game. Here, we see associate game balance designers Matt Cooper and David Kim playing a 1-on-1 as Protoss and Terran, respectively, with commentary provided by lead designer Dustin Browder and e-Sports team member Robert Simpson.

The announcers are comically enthusiastic at times, especially when a particularly mobile Protoss probe manages to run circles around a marine. If that sounds like something you'd rather not hear or f you're trying to watch this at work, a transcript is available below the video so that you can follow along. The official Joystiq Crystal Ball™ is telling us that when SC2 is released (even it doesn't know when), the forums will light up with cries of unfair Marauder rushes.

Protip: HD version available on Big Download.

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