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Caption Contest: 49-foot ASIMO makes trees, dancers look tiny

Darren Murph

There's nothing that screams "end of the world" quite like a 49-foot ASIMO towering over a forest, but we'd prefer to ignore inevitable doom long enough to imagine what exactly a 49-foot ASIMO would scream.

Thomas: "Dance I said! Dance!"
Chris: "Hey, did we remember to fix that bug where he falls down stairs?"
Joe: "Where's Arthur Murray when we need him the most?"
Darren: "Wait, Dancing With The Stars said what? No pimp canes? That's a deal-breaker."
Paul: "In his musical debut, 'ASIMO Takes the Stairs,' the eponymous star provides a surprisingly self-deprecating reenactment of the moments leading up to his infamous tumble. Music by Elton John."
Nilay: "Not to be outdone, iRobot later sucked the entire city of Pasadena into a football field-sized Roomba."
Don: "After years of toiling away at two-bit trade shows, ASIMO finally realized his dream project: Mr. Peanut: The Musical."
Ross: "Having been turned down by both Ultrazoid and Voltron, the giant ASIMO checked his RAM for a dance number he could do solo."
Josh T.: "Moments later, running ASIMO's 'Jazz Hands' script sent dancers flying hundreds of feet to their grizzly deaths."
Josh F.: "I'm crushing your head! I'm crushing your head!"
Cesar (from Zune): "I for one welcome our inflatable robot overlords. With a dance!"

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