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Panasonic launches online community for Living in HD program

Darren Murph

At least initially, Panasonic's Living in HD program seemed like a one-off promotion to hook a few crews up with some pretty sweet swag. Now, it has morphed into a running R&D experiment of sorts, with some 44 families having participated in order to give the outfit feedback on how its HD-related gear works / doesn't work in real life. In fact, applications are still being accepted for the next wave of winners, and in case you're interested, the company is also launching a new online community in conjunction with the initiative. The site contains a number of videos to get beginners started in their HD life, and there's also a forum for families to discuss such important matters as mounting / not mounting, surround system versus soundbar, etc. Sure, it may never top the mighty AVSForum in terms of breadth and depth, but it's probably not going to overwhelm and intimidate the newbies, either.

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