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Crazy HP offers $400 off on tx2500z tablet, throws in printer, will not be undersold

Tim Stevens

Are you looking for a full-featured tablet but, thanks to current economic conditions, find yourself stuck with a netbook budget? Check out HP's tx2500z 12.1-inch portable, available now through the company's online store for just $599.99 shipped -- if you can wade through the mildly convoluted customization process that's detailed at the read link. Select all the right options and free upgrades (including 3GB of RAM and a 250GB HDD) and you'll get yourself a 2GHz touch-screen device plus a D1560 inkjet printer for under $600 after a $400-off coupon and $70 mail-in rebate -- just a little bit of hassle to get a stellar deal on a sweet tablet.

Update: Too slow, folks. We're hearing the coupon code is now dead.

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