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Global Agenda interview hints at upcoming beta

Shawn Schuster

Here at Massively, we've been strong supporters of the upcoming action-based MMO Global Agenda from Hi-Rez Studios for a while now. As we get more updates about the game, and more fans converge around its development, we're excited to see the buzz grow. In a recent interview at WarCry, Global Agenda's Associate Producer Michal Adam gives us the goods on the new "spy-fi" MMO.

Most of this interview deals with the whats, whys and hows of the game, as Adam explains the general premise of Global Agenda. Of interest to those eagerly awaiting the game though, this caught our eye: "We've actually been testing the game internally for over a year. This summer (June 2008) we launched a closed alpha test program that currently has a community of over 1,000 players. We will evaluate our testing status next quarter but I'd say we're 'very near' a closed beta."

Take a look at the complete WarCry interview, and don't forget to peruse our own extensive ongoing coverage of Hi-Rez Studio's Global Agenda.

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