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Hybrid DVD/Blu-ray disc released in Japan


Don't you wish your favorite Blu-ray movie could work at grandma's place? But drats, for some reason she just doesn't have a Blu-ray player. Thankfully, you own a hybrid DVD/Blu-ray disc, so you'll be able to watch your Blu-ray movie on a standard DVD player. It won't be in HD, but SD movie better than no movie, right?

This tech isn't far off. In fact, it's available now. Infinity Storage Media has released the first hybrid disc, which allows just that. By using a clever dual-layer process, DVD drives will be able to read a DVD layer, while Blu-ray drives will be able to read a Blu-ray layer. The image above shows the process in a rather simple way.

We're not sure how far this technology will reach, or if it will be adopted by other companies. For now, this is a strictly Japan-only product. We can see tons of studios capitalizing on the HD transition by releasing their movies on a hybrid disc like this.

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