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Microsoft making 'Zune Xbox' Application

If there is one harsh reality we've learned at X3F, it has to be that more people own a Zune (and care about Album Art) than we thought. While both on a market for quite some time, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Zune do not offer any special functionality when working together but MS is taking steps to introduce both devices to each other -- if a recent job posting is to be believed.

According to CNET, Microsoft is looking to add a "User experience designer" to its Zune group who will focus on the Zune user interface, Zune PC application -- used to access the Zune Marketplace -- and a Zune Xbox application. No details are listed but speculation is it could be that Microsoft is developing an application that will allow users to download, manage and transfer content from one device to another. Anything is possible with the NXE and what Microsoft calls, a much easier interface to roll out extension services to. At this point we'd settle for a little "Xbox Live Anywhere" love we were promised years ago.

[Via Engadget]

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