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Nokia's Handwriting Calculator makes math cool again

Darren Murph

Be honest with yourself -- you loathe math. We mean, you're totally kosher with counting ohms and watts when dealing in DIY projects, but you'll gladly pay a certified accountant to handle your taxes. Chances are, though, that Nokia's new Handwriting Calculator will have you doing calculations you never thought you'd do once you nailed that Calculus IV book shut with a completely respectable B-. It's designed to operate on Nokia's "latest touchscreen devices (read: S60 5th Edition), such as the N800 and the 5800 XpressMusic," and it's being delivered free of charge from the always inventive Beta Labs operation. The greatest part about this is its ability to understand unorthodox symbols such as square roots and the like; too bad most professors outlaw cellphones during testing periods, huh? Video demonstration is after the break.

[Via MobileSyrup]

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