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The best thing you'll play today: Left 4K Dead

Ross Miller

Normally we'd save this for Free Game Club, but it's Christmas Eve and we know a lot of you are reading this with family, away from your gaming PC and / or console of choice. If you need an outlet to vent your frustration, check out Left 4K Dead, an entry into the 2009 Java 4k Competition and, as the name suggests, a project no larger than 4KB in size.

Unlike its high-end Valve doppelganger, however, you must face the zombie horde by your lonesome and armed with only one nondescript gun. The Director AI is also a bit loopy here, so think of the zombie and power-up placement as being ... random. And if you end up ignoring your loved ones today, don't say we didn't warn you.

[Thanks, Josh]

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