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Dashboard Devices to debut ENV line of in-car computers at CES

Darren Murph

While we can't quite decide whether the carputer is a dying breed or simply a niche that never really took off, Dashboard Devices is hoping to revive it either way come January. The outfit will reportedly debut its ENV (Entertainment and Navigation for Vehicles) line as a two-part system. First comes the ENV-XC, which houses the main processor, graphics unit and other basic functionality; said brain can be paired with a choice of head units, including the double-DIN ENV-100 or the single-DIN ENV-50. Word has it that the double-DIN package will ring up at a staggeringly high $2,700, but we're also hearing that it'll offer "true dual zone" control, meaning that your robustious youngsters can have their own set of preferences in the rear while the grown-ups keep things comfortable up front. It'll also pack a WiFi module, voice activated functions, navigation, DVD playback, a 160GB hard drive, iPod compatibility, satellite radio support, Windows XP, a 7-inch touchscreen and optional WWAN. We'll be keeping an eye out for this one at CES -- but for $2,700, we're totally not going to be satisfied without a bona fide autopilot system.

[Via Yahoo! Tech]

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