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Final Fantasy XI's development team sits down for a round table discussion


The development team of Final Fantasy XI, everyone's favorite notoriously hard MMO, recently sat down with Carolyn Koh of during their annual fan festival for an in-depth look at why the team made some of their decisions in the game's design and what we can look forward to in the future.

The roundtable is being introduced in a three part discussion, which covers topics like the campaign system of the latest expansion, questions about the items and jobs, and questions regarding PvP and the future of Final Fantasy XI. With the game recently making headlines with a controversial server transfer policy, it's good to see a bit of positive coverage paired with some insight into the 6 year old game -- especially with new features like Moblin Maze Mongers just appearing. Plus, our favorite addition to the game with the December update: No more sales tax in Jeuno! Can't forget about that. We think it's about time for us to clean our equipment chests.

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