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Lenovo's Ophone gets sized up against -- what else -- the iPhone

Jacob Schulman

Okay, okay, we get it: everyone knows how big an iPhone is, so this comparison makes sense, we guess -- but both an original and a 3G? Seriously? At any rate, we'll just admire the latest in-the-wild shots of the Ophone, Lenovo's first Android device. We've seen shots of it before, but from this latest impromptu review, we learn that it's rocking a 624MHz CPU, mini USB interface, a 5-megapixel camera, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. We also learn that it's longer, wider, and thicker than the iPhones, though only by the slimmest of margins -- and when you take into account the considerable additional shooting power, we can cut it some slack there. Then again, we doubt we'll ever see one of these in the US of A, however, so it looks like we'll have to sit this one out and wait for another Android device to take our breath away anyhow.

[Thanks, Jason]

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