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NAD rolls out two-channel components for CES

Steven Kim

Swinging to an opposite extreme from its $1,600 T587 Blu-ray deck, NAD is aiming for the budget-conscious stereophiles with the Classic Series set to appear at CES 2009. In the lineup are three amps, a pair of CD players, a stereo preamp and even an old-style stereo receiver. Trickle down tech from the top-of-the-line Masters Series components in the form of Class A gain modules, beefy chassis construction and other goodies is promising, but you know these pieces can't carry rock bottom prices with that kind of circuitry. Still, NAD has always been about "audiophile approved" sound at a fair price, and the spec-obsessed would be wise to consider the power ratings as conservative. If you've still got a foot in the redbook two-channel world, hit the link for details.

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