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The Daily Grind: The ones that got away


Oh, Hellgate: London! How could a post-apocalyptic zombie shoot 'em up have gone so very wrong? Though your servers are shutting down at the end of January, never again to return to US or European shores, we ran into this collector's edition box just yesterday, placed at an appealing eye-level on a Circuit City shelf, just begging the innocent passerby to take it home (or perhaps, considering the game's rocky history, simply to give it a good hug). And it's not the only MMO that's leaving us in early 2009: Tabula Rasa is closing at the end of February. (Though unlike Hellgate, which isn't even accepting new subscriptions at this point, TR is free to play for everyone until the servers shut down.) These are hardly the only games to have met an unfortunate end: remember Earth and Beyond? Auto Assault? Oh, MMOs, why must you go away and leave us oh so alone? (Not that we here at Massively are at all bitter about MMO closures. These games were only our best friends once upon a time.) So this morning, in honor of that lonely Hellgate box, which MMOs going or gone do you miss?

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