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Club Nintendo returns (for now)


Club Nintendo, the long-awaited rewards site, opened to North American gamers on December 15, and has been in a perpetual state of kinda working since then -- some people couldn't log in, some couldn't access surveys, and the site has oscillated between being on- and offline. That is, until Christmas, when ... the site went down for maintenance.

Good news for those of you anxious to register codes from all the games you got over the holidays: the site is back. Not better, but back to its unreliable pre-Christmas state, which means that you can enter codes and earn Coins, but you may have to hit F5 a few times to wake the site back up. Alas, we didn't all get bonus Coins for the inconvenience, thus dashing our hopes of earning the hanafuda cards.

Want to see Club Nintendo's greatest gifts to Japan and Europe? OF COURSE YOU DO. So go here.

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