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Bobwatch Day 21: Things get kind of weird

Justin McElroy

We were in support of Robert Peloni, the sole developer of homebrew RPG Bob's Game, when he began a 100-day lock-in to convince Nintendo to sell him the SDK he needed to release his game on DS. At least, we were on day 12 of said protest. We're 21 days in now, and things are getting ... well, they're getting a little odd.

What kind of odd? Well, Peloni has started releasing the addresses of Nintendo execs and offering semi-creepy holiday greetings to Reggie. Oh, also, he's begun threatening to ... well, as he said:

"If I cannot legitimately publish my game, the only option left to fulfill this goal is to bundle a KILLER APP with a DSi enabled 'homebrew device.' ... 'bob's game' is being translated into many languages, including Japanese, and will be released worldwide. Unfortunately, this has the potential to significantly cut into Nintendo's bottom line."

We still hope Bob can work something out, we just ... well, we can see why Nintendo might be a little hesitant about working with him.

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