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Cuban invests in Carmike Cinemas, clearly expects 3D sporting events to thrive

Darren Murph

Mark Cuban may be up and down on the future of internet video, but he's evidently quite confident in the future of 3D cinema -- or 3D sporting events in cinemas, at least. The internet / media / basketball tycoon has put his money where his mouth is by acquiring a 9.4% stake in Carmike Cinemas. Only Cuban himself fully understands the nearly $3 million investment, but he was quoted as saying that he is "trying to expand" the live 3D broadcast-to-a-theater business. Looking back over the course of 2008, we're astounded at the amount of traction that 3D has gained, and while many may assume that live 3D sporting events in cinemas is nothing more than a gimmick, we guess we can't possibly be surprised if it ends up taking off.

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