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Richard Garriott wants to get back into fantasy gaming

Shawn Schuster

The impending closure and lack of expected success from Tabula Rasa is not going to deter Richard Garriott from giving the online gaming business another shot. In a recent interview with the BBC, Garriott expressed his intentions to get back into MMO business. "After 25 years at Origin, the last thing I wanted to make was yet another medieval fantasy game," he said. "Now, after a very interesting break, I'm keen to get back into the fray and work on a new game. Probably medieval fantasy and probably online; there's something very powerful about getting people together."

Also in this interview is a bit of insight from Warhammer Online's Paul Barnett into what 2009 may bring. "I expect to see some large studios go under and some big name titles fail," Barnett predicts. Whether this next year will see a fantasy MMO announcement from Garriott or Barnett's prediction of failure come true, you can't deny that it's an exciting time in the world of MMOs.

[Via Wired]

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