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Taking aim at multiple glitches in Gears of War 2

Here is the scenario: You're Epic Games and you release a game hailed by most as yet another gem in your impressive portfolio. Gamers are excited, "Gears of War 2!" they shout as they line up to get their hands on it as soon as possible. They buy it in droves to the tune of nearly 3 million units. Weeks ... nay ... days pass and online aficionados realize the game doesn't work properly. Matchmaking seems slow, sometimes asking your customers to wait 10 or 20 or 30 minutes for a match. Suddenly your blockbuster game is falling from the top of Xbox Live charts like a one-legged stripper from a dancer's pole. Now, as gamers decide which title to call the best of the year, someone has compiled most of the egregious bugs your game has throughout its online modes into one tidy little video package. Well, at least the customers have new maps for $10, amirite?

Seriously, can a brother get a title update to make the Live play as fantastic as the single-player, please? 'Cept Horde. That's still rad and flawless.

[via Destructoid]

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