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HP Mini 2140 reviewed, very loved

HP Mini 2140 reviewed, very loved
Ross Miller
Ross Miller|January 6, 2009 10:38 PM

No sooner does HP announce the Mini 2140 than we get reviews from two lucky outlets who seemed to have fallen in love with the netbook. While it retains the sturdy case, ExpressCard / 54 slot, and not-quite-full-sized keyboard that reviewers loved with its predecessor, it also has the awkward, narrow touchpad and side-mounted vertical buttons. Performance is said to be on par with other Intel Atom N270 machines, and while high marks go to the larger screen, Computer Shopper says the 1024 x 576 resolution gave some smaller letters a bluish "halo" effect when compared to the Eee PC 1002HA's 1024 x 600 screens. Also, the $30 optional six-cell battery sounds like a must-have, as that added bump gave Laptop Magazine over 7 hours of web-browsing time. Both sites are heralding this as one of the best netbooks on the market -- is that enough to get your attention?

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