SanDisk slotRadio player comes with jam-packed card: like NOW, but infinitely worse

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.07.09

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Oh, heaven help us all. Just when we thought SanDisk had taken a hint and stopped promoting its slotMusic initiative entirely, in flies this. Quite honestly, we weren't aware that it could get any worse, but this friends, is worse. The Sansa slotRadio player includes a fairly intriguing 1.5-inch OLED display, a useful FM tuner and a slotRadio card with 1,000 hits that were "handpicked from the Billboard charts." Oh, and we hope you dig 'em (all of 'em), because there's no way to remove or alter them. For real. The device itself is expected to ship to three or four suckers early this year for $99.99, and additional 1,000 song, genre-specific slotRadio cards will be offered up separately at $39.99 apiece. And we thought the NOW That's What I Call Music! theme was a train wreck -- way to show 'em what a real disaster looks like, SanDisk.

[Via OLED-Display]
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