Wazabee brings glass-free 3D to the iPhone

Christina Warren
C. Warren|01.09.09

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Wazabee brings glass-free 3D to the iPhone

At Macworld 2009, I've seen some cool stuff, but Wazabee's 3DeeShell for the iPhone wins my show pick for most unexpected cool product. The pitch sounds cheesy; it's an iPhone case that lets you view stuff in 3D, no glasses required. This is why it isn't cheesy: it works.

We're working on getting the video edited and working properly (because seeing really is believing), but I was most impressed with this technology. The 3DeeShell consists of an iPhone case (and it's actually a nice case) with a removable screen. The screen, when viewed at the right angle (and I found it very easy to get on the right angle) will show movies, pictures or games that support its 3D processing technology in 3D.

Right now, Wazabee has several apps in the App Store: 3DeeCamera [iTunes link], 3Dee!oader [iTunes link] and 3DeeVUsion [iTunes link] that allow you to view and encode your images so that they are viewable in 3D. These apps support 3D glasses right now, but they'll work with the 3DeeShell when it launches in March.

Additionally, developers can contact Wazabee to get access to the SDK, so that apps and other games can be built with support for 3D viewing.

The 3DeeShell is scheduled for release in March 2009 for $50 US. This summer, Wazabee will be introducing a screen attachment for the 13" MacBooks (larger series to follow) that will allow for viewing of 3D content on your MacBook screen. It utilizes the iSight cam to make sure the screen is always aligned for the best 3D view.

Video is on the way, but this was too cool not to share now.

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