Farewell, Macworld Expo 2009

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Michael Rose
January 10th, 2009
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Farewell, Macworld Expo 2009

The show floor has closed, the press room is wrapping up, and the denizens of Macworld Expo are heading out to points unknown -- some to the Crunchies tonight, most to the airports or back home (East Coasters, if you're leaving tomorrow, call your airlines). We've had a spectacular time bringing you the sights and sounds of Macworld Expo 2009, and there will be more booth videos and product rundowns to come over the next few days.

We want to extend our thanks to the entire team at IDG that works incredibly hard to put on this show for all of us; of course, next year's show is going to be a different experience, but if you're planning to join us for the 2010 Expo, Macworldbound.com is reporting that you can register for an exhibits-only pass already. Can't wait!
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