Macworld 2009: Blue Microphones

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Michael Rose
January 9th, 2009
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Macworld 2009: Blue Microphones
Good audio starts with a good microphone, and plenty of Mac podcasters depend on the effective and economical offerings from Blue. There are devices to fit most needs and most budgets in the Blue Microphones product line, and the company is beginning its string of three consecutive trade show appearances (Macworld, CES and NAMM in three weeks -- that's a lot of microphones) by showing off three new products. The Icicle XLR to USB converter is great for users with investments in legacy XLR gear who want a simple way to direct that audio to their computers; it's shipping now for $60 street price. (Update: we in no way meant to imply XLR is being phased out or is outdated by using the term "legacy" -- of course, it is standard in professional audio gear).

The Mikey iPod microphone adds audio capture to most iPod models (not the iPhone or touch, unfortunately) with a swivel head and multiple gain settings to allow for recording over a variety of distances. Mikey retails for $80.

Lastly, the EyeBall takes the popular Blue Snowflake mini-microphone and adds in a retractable, "Super HD" webcam that pops out of the side of the microphone when needed. The EyeBall is available for a street price of $100, a $30 premium over the conventional Snowflake model.

You can see more details of all three products in the gallery below and the video in the 2nd half of the post.

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