Palm Pre / webOS launch roundup

The dust has begun to settle around Palm's event yesterday, and we're still sorting through all the news. Palm certainly packed a lot of "New-ness" (yet weirdly, no actual "New-ness") into its announcements yesterday, and it's pretty easy to get lost among all the Palm Pre / webOS related news. Lucky for you, we've consolidated the goods below, so feel free to experience all the Palm-related bliss you can handle.

The liveblog

Live from Palm's CES press conference

Impressions / hands-on coverage

Palm Pre first hands-on with live updates!
Palm Pre in-depth impressions, video, and huge hands-on gallery
Palm Pre interface tour

Product announcements

The Palm Pre
Palm announces webOS platform
Palm Pre's wireless charger, the Touchstone

In depth / details

There will be a GSM-friendly 3G Palm Pre
Palm stock on a rocket to recovery
Palm's Pre gets its own spot on Sprint's website
Palm Pre website now live with official images, video
Palm's the master of its own domain, the king of its own Castle
Palm's Pre boxed
Palm Pre's "New-ness" event video now viewable
Palm Pre ads appear on Engadget