T-Mobile getting HTC Rhodium as the Wing II, Sapphire as the G2?

T-Mobile USA has a pretty solid relationship with HTC, considering it sells the Shadow, the Wing, and the G1 at the moment -- and seeing how the G1's doing a nice little spot of business for them, it stand to reason that they'd be looking to continue the good times through '09. We're hearing from TmoNews that one HTC devices leaked today -- the Sapphire -- is the G2, while another source is telling us that the Rhodium is the Wing II, giving T-Mob solid, high-end Windows Mobile and Android devices alike in the new year. The original Wing is older than your grandmother (bless her heart), and as for the G1... well, let's be honest, these guys can take as much Android gear as HTC will give 'em right now. Bring it, fellas.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]