iPhone nano rumors piling up

Rumor sites are abuzz this morning with news from the Far East noting that two Taiwanese chip manufacturers will likely receive orders for a new "iPhone nano."

Taiwan's Economic Daily News ran a story suggesting that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and United Microelectronics Corporation will win contracts for iPhone nano components.

MacRumors suggests that the device might not be headed for the United States, either: this device could be released first in China. American Technology Research analyst Brian Marshall says that the device is not being tested by AT&T. In September, rumors suggested that China Mobile asked Apple for a limited version of the iPhone, omitting Wi-Fi and 3G networking.

This comes on the heels of a screenshot sent in by tipster John, which shows a device labeled "iPhone nano" appearing in the iTunes Connect service used by App Store developers. Earlier, drawings of protective cases surfaced inside China's manufacturing community.

Shaking the magic eight-ball, all signs point to yes. While clearly not ready for Macworld last week, the same Economic Daily News report notes that a new iPhone device might be slated for a June release at the earliest.