Watchmen game will be 'canon' with graphic novel

Ross Miller
R. Miller|01.14.09

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Watchmen game will be 'canon' with graphic novel
Worried about how The End is Nigh will fit into the Watchmen universe? A lot of assurances are already well known: Watchmen illustrator Gibbons is consulting on the art style and original editor Len Wein is the writer of the episodic game series. However, what is most comforting is the inadvertent involvement of reclusive creator Alan Moore. According to Gibbons, in an interview with EuroGamer, the two did a Watchmen module for Mayfair Games' DC Heroes tabletop roleplaying series. Moore helped write bits of it, which details the backstory from 1966, and has in the past endorsed it as canon.

The second page of the interview is quite spoilerific, with Gibbons talking about the film's (and subsequently the book's) ending, so consider yourself warned. The first episode of End is Nigh is expected this March, which we're hoping is still near the film's release.
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