McIntosh intros Blu-ray ready MX150 AV Controller

Steven Kim
S. Kim|01.17.09

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McIntosh intros Blu-ray ready MX150 AV Controller
McIntosh MX150 AV Controller
Don't let the analog meters and Olde English lettering fool you, McIntosh gear is keeping up with the times while staying upscale. While not always the first out of the gate with the latest features, the ultra-high end brand of D&M Holdings has shown a commitment to keeping its customers' equipment racks glowing that familiar blue and green. Unveiled at CES this year was the MX 150 A/V Control Center, with five HDMI 1.3 inputs, support for the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA codecs (naturally), RoomPerfect auto-equalization, support for multiple subwoofers and video upscaling (unspecified, but the D&M line has some good choices to borrow from). Set for release in March for a price around $12000, we won't blame you if you decide to wait for a McIntosh Blu-ray deck before jumping in.

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